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S Embassy located in a foreign country where the other party is located.Once the DNA collection has occurred at one of our testing centers in the U. S Embassy where the other parties are located, Accredited Drug Testing will ensure that all specimens are sent to the lab for DNA testing and provide the results once the AABB laboratory has analyzed the DNA test.Greer was consulted by the National Enquirer magazine regarding the Jon Benét Ramsey murder case. Greer’s comments were included in both the September 12th, 2016 edition and the January 2nd, 2017 edition of the National Enquirer. only utilizes American Association of Blood Bank (AABB) certified laboratories for DNA relationship testing.The AABB accreditation is the highest national standard applied to DNA testing laboratories.

DNA immigration testing can be used for paternity tests, Maternity tests, sibling relationship and other purposes required by the U. Accredited Drug Testing will coordinate the entire process, including scheduling the DNA test for parties located in the United States and forward the DNA collection kit to the U.

A DNA test is a non-intrusive procedure usually utilizing an oral swab from all parties, which then follows a specific chain of custody process in which the oral swab specimens are sent to a certified and accredited AABB laboratory.

The Laboratory that analyzes the DNA specimen and provides the results. It’s simple, contact Accredited Drug Testing at (800)221-4291, and provide various information including the city you wish to take the DNA test, who will be taking the DNA test, mother, child and alleged father.

Accredited Drug Testing Inc, applies the highest standard to the entire DNA testing process, from the DNA specimen collection, to the chain of custody, the laboratory analysis and the confidential results reporting.

A DNA test for paternity purposes determines the biological father of a child.

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