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Use it to support the reliability and admissibility of your testimony. For example, the heading "Handwriting research" lists 140 reports on primary research studies in handwriting. However, it would be unethical to make any impeachment a personal or professional attack of one expert upon another. QDE INDEX A Guide to Periodical Literature In English on Document Examination, Handwriting Expertise and Expert Testimony Drawn from Forensic, Legal, Academic and Popular Press Journals. Almost half the case load comprises consultations by other document examiners or requests to become associated in the case to provide back-up opinion or specialized, sophisticated services. Many cases involve confidential consultations requiring critical evaluation of opposing expert reports, opinions and testimony. A journal of mixed nature would be included provided the item is of some substance or by a person presenting as a document examiner. Last of all, no pertinent item meeting the criteria set forth would be omitted, whatever my personal view of it. Occasionally there is an EDITOR'S NOTE in square brackets to provide critical information, usually a caution. SUBJECT-KEY WORD INDEX This is a guide to all key words and subjects terms used in QDE Index 2008. Alternative forms of terms used are listed with reference to the form used. In very rare cases an editorial note is inserted because 1 the item might otherwise be especially misleading. An editor/compiler must be as unintrusive as possible. ORGANIZATION OF THE INDEX This data CD holds six files, all retrievable and searchable in Adobe Acrobat Reader. These references by use of the word "SEE:" There are references between related entries, by use of the words "SEE ALSO:" For some entries there is an explanatory sentence called "NOTE:" I have arbitrarily employed some conventions.

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You can select the journals listed and make a fair usage copy for your personal reference. "IJFDE" is used for each subsequent entry for this journal. To study the coverage of a particular journal, simply go to the section of QDE Index 2008 listing all papers indexed from it. Use the index as a study guide for a topic you wish to research. Having compiled a database for my own use, I thought others might find it of value, so the first edition of this index was issued in 1990 with the title Witnessing to the Truth of Documents. Your kindness in advising me of possible corrections and improvements would be appreciated. First, any article of interest to document examiners which has been found in either forensic or legal journals is included. For these journals the selection is liberal, so that even peripheral topics are included. For all other journals, the article must be specific in topic and of a practical utility.

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