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We are sorry to hear about such shameful case on our site and we are sorry that it was not handled properly.Please, contact us at [email protected] that we could reopen the case and look into it.I was talking to one woman for a while and created another name and used someone else's picture. Because of the nature of my job, I can travel and work from anywhere there is internet, plus I had the advantage of having multiple phone numbers along with credit cards and ID with different names.I joined many of these PPL sites under different names and credit card information.

Therefore we urge our members to be on their guard and notify us of anything suspicious. I got 161 messages after creating account and not entering for about 6 months !

People are having to much complaints please people I beg you to stop sending your ...

Besides , the country is in real political trouble and there is a war in the eastern part of Ukraine.

Also I marked their emails with Spam but they CONTINUED to send me more emails ! All new members receive more letters because their profiles are at the top of our search but then they slow down.

There are also broadcasts that serve to attract the attention of as many men (or women) as possible.

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    with reference of the official website of the company.