Twitterfeed not updating facebook

It is in the best interests of business owners to take the time to research options for installing an automatic Twitter feed on a business account.With an automatic Twitter feed, business owners will never forget to share important information with customers. If you have your product line set up as an RSS feed, it can auto-post.I finally figured it out, so here are step-by-step instructions on getting your tweets back onto Facebook: Update for 15 February: It would appear that things have gone south again and these instructions no longer work. Update for 16 February: It would appear that things have got back to their “normal” state of breaking and working again, so these instructions should work! When it comes to managing multiple social media accounts across different platforms, it's easy to fall into the time-sucking trap of doing everything manually.Sometime after pm PST on 7 February, tweets from my Twitter account stopped automatically posting to Facebook.

The benefits of automatically updating a Twitter account is that you don't have to pay high fees to a marketing company.

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If you have a public Facebook page, you can set up tweets to be posted as updates there as well, in addition to your Facebook profile.

Customers appreciate receiving news from businesses that relate to special deals or sales.

They also want to be able to learn about the new products that a business has to offer.

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