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Could A-Rod have had a picture of himself painted as centaur? Considering Frazier's perceived bravado, could Frazier have asked for a Yankees number to be unretired? Meanwhile, Frazier's unwavering belief in his own talent can rub some people the wrong way. Then they'll say that's why you made it."I'm not going to shy away from letting people know I'm confident in my ability," Frazier said.

MATT HOLLIDAY, THE Yankees' 37-year-old DH, made a big impact on Frazier during a series of spring training lunch conversations.

This spring, Frazier's mane, which flirted with the old George Steinbrenner rules about Yankees hair length, made headlines."My hair was bigger than my game in the media," said Frazier in the Rail Riders' clubhouse earlier this month. Frazier, whose hair has always been the longest among his friends, didn't want to give in to tradition.

Finally, the melodrama, which landed Frazier on the front page of the New York Times and the back pages of the New York tabloids, ended when Girardi told him it was time for a trim.

Holliday's advice was simple and focused, counseling Frazier to focus on his game, limit his social media time and keep his inner circle tight."He is a dynamic personality," Holliday said.

"There is a lot of appeal with the fans with the hair and the big personality and the ability, but [it's about] getting down to focusing on the things that matter, and matter the most -- honing in his skills and taking advantage of opportunities."Frazier seems to have had stardom on his mind forever, even though it was just four years ago that Cleveland made him the fifth player picked in the draft.

The 22-year-old, one of baseball's most highly rated minor leaguers, always sticks out -- even when he doesn't want to.

He strides to the plate with confidence, sporting distinctive red batting gloves that match the hint of his favorite color in the lettering of the Rail Riders' navy blue jersey. 27 prospect in all of baseball, according to ESPN's Keith Law, but Frazier might be No.

Like A-Rod and the legend of his centaur painting, the believability of the story said a lot.

His hairdo had become a distraction, both to the team and the player, in the manager's mind, so it had to go -- though, Girardi stresses, he didn't want Frazier to snip his personality in the process.

It's not as if the Yankees haven't had players with pizazz, dating back to an outfielder named George Herman Ruth.

He's batting .250 with 12 homers and 41 RBIs in 70 games. If the Yankees need to call up an outfielder to play every day, it would be either Frazier or Dustin Fowler, Cashman said."I've heard nothing but positives," Cashman said.

The GM's actions, more than his words, will show how he truly feels.

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