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The effect of generating a measurable voltage by using a magnetic field is called the Hall Effect after Edwin Hall who discovered it back in the 1870’s with the basic physical principle underlying the Hall effect being Lorentz force.To generate a potential difference across the device the magnetic flux lines must be perpendicular, (90) to the flow of current and be of the correct polarity, generally a south pole.Generally, Hall Effect sensors and switches are designed to be in the “OFF”, (open circuit condition) when there is no magnetic field present.They only turn “ON”, (closed circuit condition) when subjected to a magnetic field of sufficient strength and polarity. This output voltage can be quite small, only a few microvolts even when subjected to strong magnetic fields so most commercially available Hall effect devices are manufactured with built-in DC amplifiers, logic switching circuits and voltage regulators to improve the sensors sensitivity, hysteresis and output voltage.Most Hall effect devices can not directly switch large electrical loads as their output drive capabilities are very small around 10 to 20m A.For large current loads an open-collector (current sinking) NPN Transistor is added to the output.

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There are many different types of magnet movements, such as “Head-on”, “Sideways”, “Push-pull” or “Push-push” etc sensing movements.For example, the angular position of the crank shaft for the firing angle of the spark plugs, the position of the car seats and seat belts for air-bag control or wheel speed detection for the anti-lock braking system, (ABS).Magnetic sensors are designed to respond to a wide range of positive and negative magnetic fields in a variety of different applications and one type of magnet sensor whose output signal is a function of magnetic field density around it is called the Hall Effect Sensor.The Hall effect provides information regarding the type of magnetic pole and magnitude of the magnetic field.For example, a south pole would cause the device to produce a voltage output while a north pole would have no effect.

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