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"I didn't realize until the end that Don likes strangers.

He likes seducing strangers, which is just like advertising. You're gonna walk down the side of the road, and now we know each other. He just tells Peggy, just move forward — that's his philosophy in life." Weiner is still wondering where those awards are.

Five years before that, black people and white people couldn't even be in an ad together!

Viewers can infer that Don returns to Mc Cann-Erickson and creates that ad.

When asked about returning to TV in the future, Weiner said that if he were to go with Netflix, for example, "I would try to convince them to let me roll them out so at least there was just some shared experience. When you watch an entire season of a show in a day, you will definitely dream about it, but it's not the same as walking around the whole week, saying, ' God, Pete really pissed me off.' And then at the end of the week, saying, ' When he said he had nothing, that really hurt.' I remember people saying that.

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"I wanted it to feel that there was a vision and a point to the entire thing. I'm so pleased that people enjoyed it and seemed to enjoy it exactly as it was intended.

You can't get a 100 percent approval rating, or you've done something dumb." recaps the most intriguing revelations from the discussion (among them candid thoughts about literature, therapy, Al Gore and Richard Nixon): Yes, Don Draper created the Coke ad.

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