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Go to the Port Street Beer House, and then go for a wander.

My Gran and I did that years ago when it was the heart of the textile industry, and it still sends a tingle down my spine.

The former - the mindset and spirit of the city's people - is very special indeed.

The little 'r' is the one thing that truly separates northerners and southerners.

Has anyone ever travelled on it and not be gripped by terror at where to come off and what lane to use, or indeed where the bloody hell they are?

My Gran used to have a flat right next to it in All Saints, and she'd say, " Eric, i love it here, because the lights at night are fabulous, what with all the different colours and the speed.

Following an upcoming operation to amputate one of his fingers, the young man plans to get his driving licence back, buy a specially-adapted mobility vehicle and train to become a HGV driver.

Freddie said: 'I'm currently waiting to get my driving licence back so I can drive a disability car.

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