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So please, leave any questions here and I’m happy to address any questions!

I’ll list just a few of the benefits of updating your i Web site to Ever Web.

All you have to do to switch over to HTTPS with Ever Web is; In order to quickly take advantage of the SEO boost with an HTTPS website you will need to submit an XML sitemap of your website to Google and other search engines.

An XML Sitemap will make a list of all of your web pages, along with important meta information like the last updated date, how frequently your web pages are updated and a few more details.

To fight this, HTTPS was introduced which encrypts all data from your computer to the server and back.

If a website starts with https:// it means no encryption is happening and everything is being sent using plain text.

Once you have an SSL certificate you need to forward your old http website to the new https website.I have been testing Ever Web’s new blogging features for the last few weeks.My goal is to convert this web site to an Ever Web web site now that blogging is provided, and it looks like it is now time for anyone else to convert their i Web website to an Ever Web website with this update.It is important to create an XML Sitemap file with your new https:// URL and submit it to your Google Search Console account. You can make one that just lists your web pages, or you can also make a more complex one that includes the meta details discussed above.To create an XML sitemap file follow these steps; By the end of the year HTTPS websites will be the norm.

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