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She answered questions via e-mail, shedding light on what she calls the "center of college social life."Q: Your book is a scholarly take on an issue with popular appeal. A: I wrote this book with several audiences in mind, including college administrators, parents and college students.I hoped administrators and student life personnel would read it to figure out what is going on in the lives of their students and how the hookup culture is related to some of the major residence-life issues, such as alcohol use and sexual assault.Many researchers rely on college undergraduates as subjects for studies of human behavior. Bogle, an assistant professor of sociology and criminal justice at La Salle University who trained her scholarly lens on the students themselves, focusing on that cross-section was part of the design.

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In the contemporary hookup culture, activity is much more spur-of-the-moment and casual.

However, these forms of communication do make it increasingly easy for students to interact in a more informal way.

For example, in the dating era, interaction was very formal and required a certain amount of planning.

What I found is that students tend to overestimate what their peers are doing.

In other words, students often perceive that others hook up more often and go farther sexually during hookup encounters.

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