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What do you consider the most important implications of your findings?For one, researchers have known that marriages and dating appear to be more homogenous than you would expect by chance, and our work shows that it doesn’t appear that this homogeneity arises only from people selecting on politics.For example, if I had a friend who lived in Salt Lake City and was not a Mormon, you might imagine that the dating pool would provide less choice with regard to religious beliefs.You can imagine that there are a lot of parts of the country where marriages or dating couples were on average composed of two conservatives not because people picked conservatives, but because only politically conservative people were available.

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People seem to generally prefer, and rate as more attractive dating partners, those who share their political characteristics. Interestingly, disinterest in politics has an effect.

How did political orientation compare to religious orientation in driving people’s interest in potential dates? People who aren’t interested in politics are not that excited about dating people who are really interested in politics.

If you know people who are not interested in politics, then this strikes me as completely accurate.

Usually we study couples after they have formed relationships so we can’t figure out whether they are alike because have learned to get along over the years or developed political preferences according what they perceive is best for the household.

The online dating data allowed us to see relationships before they formed.

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