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By the end of 1993 it joined Dharma Net, Barry Kapke's California-based Buddhist BBS network (node 3/1).By early 1994 Kapke had launched Dharma Net's Dharma Book Transcription Project, of which I served as librarian, and under whose auspices about a hundred high-quality books on Buddhism were transcribed to computer through the dedicated efforts of an international team of volunteer transcribers and proofreaders.

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Internet users from far and wide were coming to depend on Access to Insight's now rickety and overworked '386 computer as their link to information — both the timely and the timeless — about Buddhism.

In March 1995 this website was born; the following November I closed down the BBS for good.

These are the ones that, over the years, I've personally found to be helpful in deepening an understanding of Dhamma practice.

This collection is not meant to be an exhaustive archive of Theravada Buddhist texts.

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