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Visit Nepali Unicode Converter This Nepali Date converter is one of the most efficient date converter that exists.

Nepali Date converter software helps to convert Rnglish date to Nepali Bikram sambat date and Nepali Bikram sambat date to English date.

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Some countries like Indonesia, Bangladesh, Srilanka, Thiland, Malaysia and Bhutan are also using Bikram Sambat Nepali Calendar.

We have introduced this calendar to provide exact english date to nepali dates calendar along with the festivals, Public holidays, Marriage dates , Bratabandha dates and date converter tools etc.

Bitte beachten Sie, dass hier gemeldete Störungen zwar mehrmals am Tag abgerufen werden, dass aber einige Zeit zwischen Ihrer Meldung und der Weiterleitung an die zuständigen Techniker vergehen kann.

Current Nepali calendar year is Nepali Calendar 2072 and new Nepali Calendar is new Nepali Calendar 2073 Bikram sambat.Nepali or Bikram sambat date converter is one of the most used application because many nepali people need to interact with the foriegn countries for study, dv applications and so on.Bikram sambat date converter is widely used in Nepal, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia etc.However, placing the AD after the year number (as in "2014 AD") is also becoming common usage.[citation needed] The abbreviation is also widely used after the number of a century or millennium, as in "fourth century AD" or "second millennium AD" (although conservative usage formerly rejected such expressions).Because BC is the English abbreviation for Before Christ, it is sometimes incorrectly concluded that AD means After Death, i.e., after the death of Jesus.

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