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Parent Linking Program (PLP) is located in host high schools to enhance services and to collaborate with SBYSP.

For expecting and parenting teen mothers and fathers, PLP works to minimize and eliminate barriers to earning a high school diploma.

All youth are eligible to participate and services are provided before, during and after school.

SBYSP services include: mental health counseling; employment counseling; substance abuse education/prevention; preventive health awareness including pregnancy prevention; primary medical linkages; learning support; healthy youth development; recreation; and information/referral.

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PJD services include case management and counseling services; collaboration with local law enforcement, state and school and community based agencies, drop out prevention, life and coping skills.Married off, up the duff, safely tethered to a life of reproductive work – these are the “sensibilities” and “religious customs” that child-bride America holds dear for its girls.Family and Community Partnerships' (FCP) Office of School-Linked Services (OSLS) contracts with private non-profit organizations and school districts to provide prevention and support services for youth in New Jersey’s elementary, middle and high schools.FFCs provide constructive academic, recreational, and social enrichment activities to students and their families.All FFC programs emphasize positive youth development, encourage parental participation, and seek to establish partnerships with school and community stakeholders to meet the unique needs of youth and their families.

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