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He described them as a family in which the men were blacksmiths, descended from a marabout named Kairaba Kunta Kinte, originally from Mauritania.

Haley quoted Fofana as telling him: "About the time the king's soldiers came, the eldest of these four sons, Kunta, went away from this village to chop wood and was never seen again." However, journalists and historians later discovered that Fofana was not a griot.

In retelling the Kinte story, Fofana changed crucial details, including his father's name, his brothers' names, his age, and even omitted the year when he went missing.

At one point, he even placed Kunta Kinte in a generation that was alive in the twentieth century.

-tay) is a character in the novel Roots: The Saga of an American Family by American author Alex Haley.

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Após várias tentativas de fuga, passando por castigos cada vez piores, Kunta aceita sua nova situação.

He and others were put on the slave ship the Lord Ligonier for a four-month Middle Passage voyage to North America.

Kunta survived the trip to Maryland and was sold to a Virginia plantation owner in Spotsylvania County, Master Waller, who renamed him Toby.

Her new owner immediately raped her and fathered her only child, George, who spent his life with the tag "Chicken George", because of his assigned duties of tending to his master's cockfighting birds.

In the novel, Kizzy never learns her parents' fate.

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