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It's also not clear yet whether she will return to Germany, he said.Linda was found on her own, injured and screaming as Iraqi soldiers made their way through the bombed out houses of Mosul, Iraq's war-torn second city, according to Iraqi Mohammed Shuraf, (circled) who used an alias when describing the moment they found the 16-year-old Linda is thought to have left eastern Germany last July after the breakdown of her parents' marriage.Linda Wenzel, 16, was found alone, hurt and screaming for help in a bombed out house in Mosul this week, a year after she vanished from her home near Dresden, Eastern Germany.She was married to a Chechen Islamic State fighter and 'admitted' to killing Iraqi troops, it has been claimed.à ¤•à ¤‚à ¤ªà ¥à ¤¯à ¥‚à ¤Ÿà ¤° à ¤Ÿà ¥à ¤°à ¥‡à ¤¨à ¤¿à ¤‚à ¤— ## Computer Training Romance By Hot Bhabhi ## Hot Short Film 2016 New - You Tube.A teenage German schoolgirl who ran away to join ISIS could face trial in Iraq, it has emerged today.Another neighbour Angela Ehrenberg, 65, said: 'She was a very quiet, sensitive child.But there was an aura of loneliness about her that I could not understand.'In 2015 she was confirmed into the local church.

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She looked scared.'The Telegraph said it is thought Linda and the fighter formed a relationship after meeting in a chat room, where he convinced her to join ISIS.Haase, the German prosecutor, said the girl ran away from her family home in Pulsnitz in eastern Germany last summer.He could not confirm her current whereabouts, saying that was still part of the ongoing investigation.She is thought to have met a Muslim man online who enticed her to join ISIS after the breakdown of her parents' marriage.She fled the country using her mother's passport and flew from Berlin to Turkey before making her way to Syria.

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