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You could also post your question on a caregiver support group forum and see what other people have done in this situation that was helpful. He hates me for no reason and put me through a divorce from Hell for two years. My dad has suffered a stroke a few days ago caused by a blood clot.

My dad wasn't really even focused on it, he was mostly worried about work and was sending out emails to coworkers about how he wasn't going to come in that day. Every time I've seen him he has gotten irritable and angry even though we spent quality close time together especially in the months before this all happened.

Maybe you could include her in activities that would allow her to be more active without making it obvious that is what you are doing. The doctors have confirmed he has brain damage I think he is suffering with short term memory loss too.

Kids are a great way to help older people become more active (e.g. It's difficult at the moment as not only having to deal with everything that has happened I'm having to deal with his partner who is confusing him more by saying things like you will be out of hospital in a few days and talking about other stresses around him. Hi, I hope someone can help or confirm that what I think could be true.

I assume you have probably talked to her about her personality changes, but if you haven't, then sit down and have a heart to heart discussion when she is in a good/receptive mood. I have done it alone and now at the end of my tether. I know were all stressed and it's effected us all but he still has his own mind and I don't want him getting stressed out. He is almost fully recovered physically although still has some pain and numbness on left side. I'm now wondering if these delusions are an effect from previous strokes? He is 59, a lawyer and comes from a big loving family.

It doesn't have to be a long or accusing conversation. It is his moods swings I find difficult to cope with. We not only worked together for years everyday but many months before his stroke and heart attack.

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