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Try to send copies of your original letters using postal mail or a fax machine at her office (if possible) and ask her if these letters are the same she received through the Dating Agency you are using.

Now you probably ask yourself 'what can you do for me? Well that is very simple, I want to protect you for any kind of possible scam. , no, just for the simple reason I can't verify every step you make, but 'can I do this myself? 'Oh, you want to sell me something', certainly not in the first place, the information in our website could be sufficient for you, if you just use your common sense and normal knowledge of human character, keep both feet on ground and if you are not too credulous, then it's already a start.Better be sure than sorry, so don't leave right now, we are not finished yet.And if you are satisfied with our contents, please spread the word, I always feel sad if I receive emails starting with 'I wished I had found your website sooner...' Here are some tips to start with, these tips are an extract of parts of the subjects described in this topic.Ask specific questions and check if you receive answers on these questions In case you are using an Agency with email forwarding or other mail-services, and your correspondent is not responding on your specific personal questions, this could be a sign of being suspicious.Another important thing is to confirm with her if your (original) letters indeed are reaching her.

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    The Registrar of Trade-marks cannot guarantee the accuracy of this publication, nor assume any responsibility for errors or omissions or the consequence of these.

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    Notably, Americans ages 65 and older are now twice as likely to know someone who uses online dating than they were in 2005 (24% of seniors now know an online dater, compared with 13% who did so eight years ago).

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