Cambodian sex exploitation

In the case of rapes and other forms of abuse, the victims' identities are often disclosed; the gory pictures are not censored and are even shared publicly on social media.And those practices, according to experts, make the victims and their families even more stigmatized.Tepphalin said: "Those female workers have neither physical nor psychological security, since they are constantly worried about their safety when walking home on the unlighted streets at night." She added that some drug users also dwell on the same streets, making the women feel even more unsafe.

To confront the problems, the government has come up with several laws and measures.Cambodia's bustling capital Phnom Penh is full of places filled with excitement, entertainment and opportunities.These features have acted as a significant pull factor, attracting huge numbers of people from across the country and doubling the city's population over the past decade.The primary motivation for most of these migrants coming to the capital is to seek either education or work.Although this rural-urban migration is having a positive impact on the Southeast Asian country's economy, it has also created numerous problems, particularly in the case of female migrants.

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