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Therefore anthropological basis of law is a foundation for the development of integrative theory and solution of the identified problems.

Key words: philosophy; law; ideology; democracy; justice; freedom; person; legal theory; legal consciousness; legal space; anthropological basis of law.

[Revisiting understanding of law: main concepts of law and state in modern Russia (based on proceedings of round table in Centre of theory and history of law and state of State and LAw Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences)].

Zhurnal jekonomicheskoj teorii [Journal of econoic theory].

Because of an election campaign some politicians try to hide the...

Volgograd: Volgograd State University Publ., 2009, 898 p.

Ocherki obshhej teorii prava [Sketchs of general theory of law].

Musayelyan Perm State University Philosophy has historically served as metatheory of law.

The world view prevailed in every age has determined legal consciousness.

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