Bob jones university dating policy

Its only statutory recourse, according to experts, is the nuclear option of yanking an institution’s eligibility for federal financial aid under Title IV of the Higher Education Act.

As a result, the political "win" for an administration comes in issuing a guidance document, or rescinding one, said Alexander Holt, a policy analyst for New America's education policy program. "For Obama, extending sexual identity as a right covered by Title IX was the news.

Christian students of all races find a happy and harmonious atmosphere here at the University, and the number of minority students grows every year.

We believe prejudice to be Biblically wrong, and it is not tolerated in the student body.

Liberty University and its president, Jerry Falwell Jr., last year and in the past have defended the university against charges of anti-gay bias, and at times have been praised by gay Liberty alums.

Even so, the Liberty and Bob Jones student handbooks appear to run afoul of guidelines on Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972 and sexual violence that the U. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights issued in 2014, according to several former department officials, gay rights groups and experts on Title IX compliance.

Bob Jones University does, however, have a rule prohibiting interracial dating among its students. He has erected barriers between the nations, not only land and sea barriers, but also ethnic, cultural, and language barriers.

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Plenty of federal aid dollars flow to the two universities.We do believe we see principles, not specific verses, to give us direction for the avoidance of it.The people who built the Tower of Babel were seeking a man-glorifying unity which God has not ordained (Gen. Much of the agitation for intermarriage among the races today is for the same reason.And that guidance was not affected by the White House action last week.Bob Jones University and Liberty University, both conservative private institutions, have codified prohibitions on transgender identities and sexual relations outside of heterosexual marriage of the Christian variety.

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