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“Both women and men have expressed a desire to have Rocky,” he said. I am pleased to announce that Robot Sex: Social and Ethical Implications (MIT Press, 2017), edited by myself and Neil Mc Arthur, is now available for purchase. But this latest development in the technology of sex seems to arouse considerable public interest and concern. A sex robot is a robot that is designed or used for the purpose of sexual stimulation. In a recent skit, the comedian Richard Herring suggested that the use of sex robots would be nothing more than an elaborate form of masturbation.He established his New Jersey-based company, True Companion, to sell artificial companionship to the public.His robotic Roxxxys can be tailored to match a person’s social, romantic, and sexual desires.

And while he introduced his robotic companions to the tech world as sex robots, he insists the relationships between customers and their customized Roxxxys goes far beyond the sexual.Unconditional love is hard to come by in a flesh-and-blood romantic partner.That’s why Douglas Hines created Roxxxy, a robotic companion programmed to satisfy all your romantic and sexual desires.Or the marriages that some people claim to have with their sex dolls.But can these close attachments ever amount to ‘love’? There are many different accounts of what it takes to enter into a loving relationship with another being.

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